Monday, 11 March 2013

Cute Cupcakes

In my physics class we have a cake rota and each week a different person brings in cakes or biscuits that they have made. This week was my week and I made these cute little fairy cakes! They were so simple to make, super cute and really yummy!
-2 eggs
- 4oz butter
- 4oz caster sugar
- 4oz self-raising flour

For the butter cream:
- 2oz butter
- icing sugar

This was so easy and I made the cakes the night before and baked them in these cute little cases! I left them to cool overnight and then cut out a circular section from the top and cut it in half, filling the gap with a spoonful of butter cream and then putting the cake back to look like butterfly or fairy wings. I dusted them finally with icing sugar to look prettier! Think they went down pretty well as nobody complained! I really love baking but unfortunately don't have enough time usually so it made a nice change! xx

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